Sad, but true… I’d not only waste my time trying to fix people who never wanted it but then I’d wonder where my peace went! I like the popular saying, “Not my monkeys, not my circus.”
Certainly, I still have to give my time to confrontations, tough talks and strained relationships but when I do I have an impenetrable guard around my peace and an eye on the clock because I’m not going to give up my peace and time for someone who doesn’t want to leave their monkeys and circus behind.
I used to think walking away and letting people decide to pursue when they were humble enough to receive help and instruction was “cocky” until I understood the lesson Jesus was teaching the rich young ruler. I learned that people who want help will not resist- that’s why we go after the one lost sheep but the goats who want to bite, kick and be offended; well, I am heading down the road with Jesus and whenever they’re reading to give up all to follow Him (especially their unteachable mindset), I’ll share the road of peace with them- until then- I’m going to choose better things to do with my time and keep my peace!
Try it and see how it goes: Before you initiate that call or text ask yourself, “Is this situation worth my time and can I keep my peace with this person?”
If it’s no- be free to give your time to something else that keeps your peace and is productive!