I, along with Metro Praise, had the honor over the weekend of preaching at both a Muslim event and a Mormon event.Believe it or not, but the Mormons and the Muslims have many things in common.Here is just to name a few:

1. They both had a prophet that received a visitation from an angel

2. A claim that Christianity was corrupt

3. Another book, “Book of Mormon/Quran,” to correct the Bible’s errors

4. A culture with many wives, militant force, and plans for global dominance

Therefore, when we engaged them in the preaching of the real Gospel they had similar reactions.

They both…

1. Were offended

2. They denied their own prophet’s claims

3. Shouted and acted in anger

4. Ignored us

5. Claimed we were just “plain wrong” for even coming to preach to them!


Please pray for the people’s heart to be open to Holy Spirit and the Truth of God!