As a disciple of Christ I love to pray for all kinds of things, however, the hardest and most rewarding time of prayer is taking time everyday to pray for the lost (also known as “intercession”).  Here are some helpful points to become an effective intercession prayer warrior!

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 Five Reasons To Pray Five Minutes a Day for Five Lost People

1. Everyday I pray for the lost I am forced to think about those I know who do not know Jesus, Romans 10:1.

2. Everyday I pray for the unsaved I am able to share the heart of Jesus- His number one goal is to see the lost saved, Matthew 9:37-38.

3. Everyday I “pray” for the lost I find myself more active to “preach” to the lost, 1 Corinthians 9:16.

4. Everyday I pray for the unsaved to get saved I think about my problems and issues less, Romans 12:10.

5. Everyday l pray for the lost I have the chance to be like Jesus and the Apostles who prayed for the lost to be saved everyday, Matthew 21:13.

 Five Ways To Pray Five Minutes a Day for Five Lost People

1. Pray with your eyes open looking at their picture and let God give you a deeper love for them, Luke 13:33-34.

2. Pray with your eyes closed and use your faith imagination to see them saved and serving God, John 4:35.

3. Pray outloud and declare the promises of God over their lives, Proverbs 11:11.

4. Pray against the devil and His stronghold over their lives in Jesus’ name, Luke 22:31.

5. Pray with tears and brokenness over their sin and estranged relationship with God, Jeremiah 9:1-2.

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