This past Sunday I preached a very practical message on practical Christian living called, “Your Identity in Christ.”  The simple truth was, “when you are in Christ, your temporary circumstances do not determine your identity but rather the Word of God declares who are.”

The best example I gave was when I was born to my parents I was given the last name “Wyrostek” to be a sign of my family heritage and identity.  No matter how bad I acted as a child and despite all my ups and downs I am still a “Wyrostek.”  In the same way when we are born again by faith in Jesus’ work on the cross, we are God’s children.  No matter what we do*, the mistakes we make, and all the ups and downs we remain God’s children.

(*This is not to say we cannot shipwreck our faith or deliberately walk away from God like the prodigal son.  Therefore, someone genuinely confessing sin, abiding in faith, and enduring to the end- this person remains in Christ despite their weaknesses and failures.)

However, as I was preaching and declaring seven identity traits of the believer found directly from the Word of God it was obvious some of the congregation didn’t believe it.  It would have been easier for me to simply state how they we’re sinners, messed up, and imperfect- then tell them they were righteous, blessed, and victorious.  Why?  I believe for many in the Body of Christ it is easier for them to see who they were before Christ, then who they are in Christ.  Thus, I believe this confusion creates an “Identity Crisis.”

Here are the combined seven statements derived from from the Word of God:

Now, I want to ask you the reader a serious question… do you really believe that is who you are?

 Here Are Some Things to Consider About Your Identity:

1 // In Christ your sinful nature is crucified, you are free from all sin… do you believe that?

2 // In Christ you are made fully righteous, just like Jesus is righteous… do you believe that?

3 // God has already provided for everything you need both spiritually and materially… do you believe that?

4 // Through your genuine thanksgiving and prayers, God will grant you peace beyond your comprehension in every trial you face… do you really believe that?

5 // In Christ you are victorious over every trouble you face… do you really believe that?

 Objections or Supposed “Balances” to the Above Points:

1 // But what about when I am tempted and sin?

2 // But how come I do not always feel new, clean, and righteous?

3 // But why don’t I have everything I need right now?

4 // But why don’t I feel peace of mind?

5 // But why don’t I always win in life, sometimes I lose?

What is the answer to the above contradictions of God’s Word and our daily circumstances… FAITH. “When you are in Christ, your temporary circumstances do not determine your identity but rather the Word of God declares who are.”

 Helpful Ways To Believe in What You Do Not See*

1 // Read the Word of God, Romans 10:17.  Your faith will increase in direct relation the amount of God’s Word you know and understand.  Input the Word of God into your heart and mind more than the doubts and lies of this evil world.

2 // Speak the Word of God, Proverbs 18:21. You will eat the fruit of your words, whether by faith or by fear… choose to speak the Word of God in faith even when you don’t feel it or see it happening.

3 // Obey the Word of God, Psalm 119:9-16 God will never bless your mess.  Obeying God places you in the right place to be blessed and delivered in your times of trouble.

(*Sometimes we do not see all God’s promises fulfilled in this life, thus what we do not see in this life we will see in the next.  Meaning, if we are not healed here, we will be healed there.  If we die in our time of trial and don’t experience the victory here, we will over there.  Not one promise of God will fail- heaven and earth will pass away, but the Word of God will endure forever, Hebrews 11:13-16.)

 Who Are You?