As I was talking with our youth pastor from Riis Park the other day I shared some of the influences I’ve had over the years and how I’ve gained wisdom from them to add to what I now do today.  Thus, I wanted to share this list with their links so others could listen to these great men of God and glean from them as well.  I also added a timeline to show when in my life these leaders had the greatest influence.  I loved each of these men for their “radical” and “unique” approach to God and ministry.  

(Note: These are not all of the influences in my life nor the greatest- just a list that helps to share with others some of the people I’ve gleaned from. Also, I don’t agree with everything they teach or practice- I “chew the meat and spit out the bones.”) 


1-ROD PARSLEY | To be a Passionate Preacher | 18-19yrs Old  

Preaching like Rod Parsley was radical because he was such a great “word smith” and passionate attention holding speaker.  His preaching inspired me to memorize the Word of God and preach with passion.

2-STEVE HILL | To be a Soul Winning Preacher | 20-21yrs Old

Preaching like Steve Hill was radical because he saw thousands saved at the Brownsville Revival and I wanted every service to be like a “revival service!”

3-DAVID HOGAN | To be a passionate, signs and wonders, non-compromising church planter | 22-23yrs Old

David Hogan was radical because he planted over 300 churches in Mexico, saw the dead raised, and didn’t care what people thought about him.  Thus, I translated this into being radical in the urban setting as a new church planter.  We fasted often, worked tirelessly, and allowed absolutely no grey areas for the sake of seeing God move in powerful ways.  

4-CARLOS ANNACONDIA | To believe and preach that Jesus is both a Savior and Deliverer | 24-26yrs Old

Preaching like Carlos Annacondia from Argentina was radical to me because demons got cast out while people were being saved.  Thus, I learned to not only see people saved, but also delivered.

5-CESAR CASTELLANOS | To be a discipleship based church | 27-28yrs Old

Preaching like Cesar Castellanos from Columbia was radical because he built a powerful church of over 400,000 people in Columbia on the concept of every disciple making twelve new disciples.

From 28yrs Old Until Now

When, by God’s grace, my wife and I started MPI I began to seek God to give us something unique and 100% new.  Thus, when one sees what MPI is today it is the influences of my past and all the influences of the current leaders with us- but more importantly it is what I believe God gave us to do.

The nations for JESUS!

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