Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.”

Did you know that God promises to bless you with wealth?  Now before you misunderstand me and start claiming the Bible promises every believer will be a millionaire, let me define the Biblical definition of wealth.  Wealth in the Bible was to have enough to meet your needs, to store up an inheritance for your children, and to have extra to share with others in need.

Therefore, no matter where God’s people live or what the economic times are like, His people can ask Him to give them wealth.  You can boldly ask God to bless you with enough wealth to meet you and your family’s needs and store up an earthly inheritance to give to your children.  Plus, you should pray that God would bless you to be a blessing.  Remember in the “Our Father Prayer,” Jesus said, “give us our daily bread?”  Notice the word, “us,” God wants you to have extra so you can give to charity, missions, and struggling people in your community.

Money is not evil, to love money is.  As a disciple learn to see money as a tool and not an idol.  Think of God’s Kingdom first when asking for blessings because every thing else comes second- even our family.  Meaning, when Christians can do what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 and seek first His Kingdom, He promises to meet every other need.  Therefore, be faithful to give your tithe, 10% of your total income, to God’s church every time you receive money.

Also, don’t let greed and overspending keep you in a rat race of sin and idolatry.  Use self-control and budgets to control your spending, save as much as you can for your family, and give away as much as you can to the less fortunate.  Let the Lord lead you into His wealth, never try to wander off His path to get more.  God is able to lead you to the places of opportunity on your job and in your career if you seek His will.

When God’s people have the blessing of wealth God’s way- they don’t have the trouble of this world because they are “to blessed to be stressed.”  Therefore, do things God way from your head to heart to your wallet!


Are you blessed with wealth?


  1. Ask God to bless you with wealth.
  2. Live by the financial principles in the Bible and repent of any greed, over spending, or waste.
  3. Share the wealth with others who are hurting in this world- missions is a great place to start after giving your tithe!

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