Psalms 126:5-6, “5 Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. 6 He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”

In this world you will get hurt.  You will suffer great pain.  You will bury loved ones, hear of innocent people being abused, and have let downs that will crush your heart into a million pieces.  During those times you will cry and bleed on the inside like you never imagined you could.  There is no instant cure, no protective gear for your heart, and it will not go away as fast as it came.  Sometimes the pain will last far longer than the tragedy itself.

However, as much as your weep and shed tears is to the degree that God promises to heal you.  The above verse is not a “light hearted easy answer” to your deepest hurts but rather it is a timeless promise built upon the very nature of God and the work of Jesus on the cross.

God doesn’t want you to hold back your tears, pretend it doesn’t hurt, or even try to run away from the pain.  He wants you to take it head on with Him.  Why?  Because He will be with you through every tear you cry and make your tears seeds of joy.  And at some point, God promises to give you a harvest of joy for every tear you have cried.

As a result, though in this world you will suffer great pain, you will also have great joy that will overcome all your sorrows.  In this world the Spirit of God will fill you with inexpressible joy and the pain will pass.  The pain may last the night, but your joy will come in morning.  That simply means, there will be a time of hurt, but as surely as the sun rises, there will also be a time of joy.

You will be overcome with happiness and inner peace beyond what words can explain.  You will have so much overflowing joy that others around you will want to know your secret.  Your joy will bring others to know Jesus as their Shepherd.

This doesn’t mean you will forget the experience of pain, loss, or let down; however, it means that you do not have to live with the agonizing pain from the things that hurt you.  You will reap joy from your tears because of God’s great love for you.  You will find your joy in God and for that reason His light will dispel the darkness of night and bring forth the morning.


Do you believe God’s joy is greater than your pain and sorrow?


  1. Think of the greatest pain you are facing in life right now.
  2. Ask God to heal your broken heart and give you His overflowing joy.
  3. Wait on the Lord in prayer and worship until the night passes and the morning comes!