Psalm 57:7 (NASB), “My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises!”

Have you ever noticed how everyone loves music?  Its like food, everyone likes it but it comes in many different flavors.  For example, what is your favorite instrument?  What is your favorite style of music… pop, adult contemporary, hip hop, rock, heavy metal, dance, or something else?  Who are you favorite singers?  What is your favorite song?  What kind of music do like to listen when your sad, happy, or adventurous?  There is no doubt that music plays a big part of all of our lives.

David in the above Psalm uses the word “zamar” for praise, which literally means, “to praise God with music.”  Thus, David is describing a kind of praise that involves someone singing over the accompaniment of musical instruments.  In other words, David was saying, “I will sing praises like Bono over a rock band for my God!”

Of course, God doesn’t expect everyone to learn a new instrument to perform “zamar,” but you can do this kind of praise by using the two instruments God already gave you- clapping your hands!  Next time you hear a great praise song you can clap your hands to the beat (or the best you can).  And if that’s too hard you can try to tap your foot to the rhythm!  Either way, praise and worship songs should be apart of your music library and listened to.

Plus, learning an instrument is just like anything else, anyone can do it with time, practice, and dedication.  Maybe your church could use in the worship band?  Or you could be the worship leader for your house!  Either way, take some time today and put on your favorite praise song and play your instrument with it!


What kind of praise and worship music do you like the best?


  1. Buy some new praise music for your library- try Jesus Culture, Hillsong, United Live, United Pursuit Band, or IHOP (they also have free songs online).
  2. Take some time today to rock out for Jesus!
  3. While the music plays sing and clap to the song to worship God!