Psalm 34:1, “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.”

Be honest, do you like to sing?  I have never met a person yet that doesn’t like to sing.  Of course, many people don’t like to sing in public or have people hear them, but everyone likes to sing their favorite tune when no one is around.  God designed our singing to have a special relationship with our mind and body.  When we sing we calm our mind, release stress, and like with laughter we bring emotional healing to our lives.

The Hebrew word David used for praise in the above psalm is “tehillah” which literally means, “song of praise.”  David is declaring that God’s song of praise (tehillah) will always be on his lips.  As a matter of fact the word “psalm” actual means “song,” therefore David not only loved to sing but he wrote his own songs too.  You can think of the book of psalms as a book of songs.  Some believe the psalms were written just to be read as poetry, but the real application of the psalms was to be sung out loud.

My daughters are 2 and 4 years old and they love to not only sing songs we teach them but they love to make up their own songs.  They enjoy singing about God, what they’ve learned throughout the day, and totally random things like their favorite food.  They literally always have a song in their heart- it is so precious to hear them sing.

May we all be like children in the Kingdom of God and have a song in our heart about the exaltation of our God.  You can sing songs karaoke style with your favorite worship band or you can make up your own songs in your prayer time and simply sing them out loud between you and God.

As you sing and exalt God in praise and worship, He will fill both your heart and life with His presence.  Don’t wait, start singing right now and make a joyful noise unto the Lord- He loves to hear you sing to Him!


Are you willing to sing songs and make melodies in your heart to God?


  1. Make time today to sing songs to God.
  2. In your time of singing ask the Holy Spirit to give you new words to sing a new song from your heart.
  3. Daily sing already made songs to God and new ones from your heart.