Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

Solomon was the King of Israel after his father David.  King Solomon had learned first hand the disgrace that came to Israel because of his Dad’s sin, 2 Samuel 12:11.  However, this did not stop him as the King from making some of the same mistakes.  Even though Solomon was the richest and wisest man on earth, he was led astray by women to worship idols and likewise suffered disgrace, 1 Kings 11:4.

Plus, many of the kings after Solomon and David sinned and brought disgrace to the nation as well.  Not only did these kings not learn from the mistakes of the previous kings, but it almost seemed like they grew even worse over time.  When God’s patience ran out; He had to punish the Jewish people and actually allow Israel to be captured and brought into captivity two different times, Jeremiah 20:5.

Even in America’s brief history it can be seen that when we as a nation had special times of prayer, honored the ten commandments in our courts, and sought God’s will in major decisions- God exalted and blessed us.  However, in the last 50 years as we have taken the Bible and prayer out of school, pulled down the ten commandments, and placed money and power above God and His Word we have suffered more disgrace than our founding fathers could have ever imagined.

Therefore, reader, be warned, no matter who you are.  If you and your nation sin you will be disgraced and brought low.  However, if you and your nation live righteously before God He will exalt you and your people.


Do you live a righteous life?


  1. Repent of any unrighteousness you may have.
  2. Repent of all the wickedness you see in your nation.
  3. Pray for God to raise up more righteous people in your nation- in government, education, etc…