Proverbs 13:6, “Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner.”

Solomon in the proverbs loves to employ the literally technique called, “antithetical parallelism,” which basically means, “the second line contrasts with the first.”  For example, “The sinner goes to hell, but the righteous go to heaven.”  In the above proverb the antithetical parallel is between the “righteousness of the man of integrity” and the “wickedness of the sinner.” Solomon makes the contrast by stating righteousness “guards” the man of integrity, but wickedness “overthrows” the sinner.  Thus, you as the reader are left with a simple choice, “Do I want to be ‘guarded’ or ‘overthrown?”’  As a result, if you want to be guarded and not overthrown you should then live righteously.

Another way to look at the proverb is from your personal point of view.  Are you a righteous person of integrity or a wicked sinner?  For who you are by your actions will determine your consequences.  If you are wicked, your sins will overthrow your life, however, if you are righteous you will be guarded against being overthrown by the devil’s schemes.

Therefore, choose today to be righteous!  First, accept Jesus’ righteousness by having faith in His saving work on the cross, 2 Corinthians 5:21. Second, hunger and thirst daily to be filled with God’s righteousness, Matthew 5:6.  And lastly, seek first God’s righteousness, according to His Word, in all you do, Matthew 6:33.

As a result, the righteous of God is promised to guard your life from all sin, evil, and temptation! In other words, “God’s got your back!”


Are you righteous of wicked?


  1. Seek righteousness in your life.
  2. Avoid wickedness.
  3. Ask God to guard your life from sin, temptation, and evil.