1. The most well versed and seasoned pastors I know don’t have books on pastoring.
  2. The wisest and most scholarly leaders I regularly read and listen to have never been on Oprah and asked “tough” questions about God/heaven & hell.
  3. The churches that I believe are most like the book of Acts are not in the US (have 100,000 plus members) and are hardly mentioned or highlighted by today’s mainstream “church growth conferences.”
  4. The fastest growing sect of Christianity (with over 500 million adherents and a growth rate 8x faster than the rate of birth) is Spirit-filled and yet the majority of popular Bible Colleges in the US offer no formal training in the proper use of the spiritual gifts in the local church.

Thus, These Paradoxes Tend to Make the “Average Christian” Think:

  1. The best pastors have books.
  2. The smartest Christians are on Oprah (or Larry King).
  3. The biggest and best churches in the world are in the US.
  4. The gifts of the Spirit are not needed for future ministers in Bible college.


What are some paradoxes you’ve noticed?