Proverbs 3:27, “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”

Nobody likes a stingy selfish self-centered person.  Can you remember the last time you needed to borrow something from someone and they said no, even though you knew they had it?  Didn’t that upset you!  Urgh.  Nothing frustrates me more than people who are selfish and stingy.  I remember when I first got into rock climbing I took a church group to a place where we paid a ton of money to have people teach us and let us use their equipment.

After that first time I was hooked.  I used to go back to the same spot with a few friends to hike and have fun.  One time I saw a group of people climbing by themselves and I asked them if we could do a climb for the love of the sport. However, they said no with an attitude and an air of superiority.  I even offered to pay and they still said no.  Their reasons were they had worked hard on setting up all their gear and they just wanted to privately enjoy their time on the rock.

However, to us it was like they were saying, “We don’t have time to let you peasants climb, we’re too busy being rock stars!”  Over time my friends and I bought our own equipment and learned how to do everything (of course in safety) and we started climbing all the time.

Nothing would make me feel more joyful then when someone would come by and say, “Hey, can I give it a try?”  I would passionately say, “Come on, you’re next!”  The meaning behind my short story is that we aren’t always able to help everyone in life, but we can help someone!  We shouldn’t turn people away from helping them if we truly can help.  I’ve even taught my kids “sharing is caring.”

For example, maybe someone needs to borrow your shovel because they don’t have one to clear the snow with.  If you’re done with yours- let them borrow it.  And if you have two and can afford to buy another- give it to them!  Christians aren’t to be pushovers and enablers, but we should be able to really help and bless people with the things we have.

Next time someone asks you for help before you say, “no,” make sure you have really thought about it and considered his or her feelings and your actual resources.  And if it’s in your power to act, give them a big resounding “yes!”


Do you like helping people when you have the power to act?


  1. Repent of any selfishness you may have had in the past.
  2. Look for opportunities to help others with the things you have.
  3. When someone asks you for help only say “no” if you really cannot do it.  Other than those times say, “yes!”