Luke 4:18, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.”

In the Old Testament Moses was commanded by God to anoint the priests for service in the Tabernacle by pouring oil over their heads and letting it run down their beards and their robes, Exodus 28:41 & 29:7.  The word “anoint” simply means to “cover or to smear.”

Moses was commanded to cover the priests with oil as a sign to the people that the priests were set apart for the work of the ministry.  God’s reason behind covering the priests with oil was because He was giving them a physical sign of how His Spirit was going to be upon them and give them the ability to minister in the Tabernacle.

When Jesus came He was called both the Christ and the Messiah. “Christ” is Greek and “Messiah” is Hebrew, but both words mean “The Anointed One.” Therefore, Jesus was the Anointed One sent by God to do great works.  The Jewish people had been waiting a long time for the Anointed One to come and display God’s power upon the earth.  In the above passage Jesus is quoting the prophecy of Isaiah 61 concerning the Messiah and boldly declaring that He is the One!

The passage states that the Messiah will be anointed to, (1) Preach the Gospel to the poor, (2) Heal the broken hearted, (3) Bring freedom to the captives, (4) Release the prisoners, & (5) Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.  And that is exactly what Jesus did for His three years of ministry upon the earth.

How?  Because of the Holy Spirit residing in Jesus He was given an anointing to serve God.  Plus, Jesus was not only anointed, but He was the Anointed One, meaning He could give God’s power to His followers. Therefore, after Jesus’ resurrection He gave the disciples the Holy Spirit so they could be anointed like Him, Acts 1:8.

Therefore, it was Jesus’ desire that all of His disciples would have the same power and authority that He had.  In other words, Jesus gave the same anointing/covering of the Holy Spirit to His disciples that He had, John 14:16-17.  Now you are commanded to go out and do the same things Jesus did, John 14:12-14!


Do you believe that the same anointing (ability) that was upon Jesus by the Holy Spirit is upon you too?


  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint and cover you with His power for service.
  2. Walk, talk, and be filled like Jesus.
  3. Wherever you go in life believe you are anointed by God to do great things in Jesus’ name!