1 Corinthians 12:10, “…to another miraculous powers”

The next gift of the Spirit Paul mentions is the “gift of miraculous powers.”  The gift of miraculous powers is, “a supernatural display of God’s infinite power.”  This gift can come in many different forms but every time the effect is the same- people acknowledge God is real.

A modern day example of this gift would be in 1995 when God’s Spirit came in mighty power at a church service in Pensacola Florida and for the next five years over 1 million people were saved just in one church!  People would spend the night in the church parking lot just to get a seat for the weekend services because everyone who went to the church could tangibly feel the Holy Spirit and be convicted of sin.  Literally, people from all over of the city and region were made area of God’s power because of the revival.

One of the Biblical examples of the gift of miraculous power was when a deadly poisonous snake bit Paul and he did not die.  The local pagans who knew the snake’s deadliness were so amazed at God’s power that they actually thought Paul was a “god,” Acts 28:3-6.  Other examples would be Jesus turning the water into wine, Peter finding a gold coin in a fish’s mouth, and the feeding of the five thousand.

Though the gift of miraculous power may be more rare and less seen, disciples are to always be willing and ready for God to show His power for His glory.  Imagine if God were to use you just once in this gift and it result in hundreds of people getting saved- it would be worth the wait!


Do you believe God can still publicly display His mighty power- like He did in Bible times?


  1. Have you ever witnessed God’s miraculous power? (Separate from seeing healings and demons being cast out.  Think of miraculous power having more to do with changing the natural order of things in the physical world.)
  2. Are you willing to let God use you to display His power?
  3. Ask God to give you the gift of miraculous power.

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