From time to time I love to journal and reflect upon that which I’ve learn both in every day life and ministry. I pray these simple life lessons from this current season of my life will encourage you in your walk with God!

Seven Life Lessons:

  1. “Feelings” may be true- but they also can be deceiving. Not everything I feel is of God… and just because I don’t “feel” something doesn’t mean its not of God. For example, even though I don’t “feel” 2+2=4, it still is true, irregardless of my feelings… the same applies to biblical truths and God’s inner leading.
  2. Those who can’t laugh at themselves and take a joke (including myself) deal with pride and insecurity- and they are not fun to be around.
  3. “Legalism” and “Licentiousness” are both wrong for the same reason- they are of the flesh (i.e, against God’s commands). However, they are not the only “two games” in town- the best one is “Spirit-Led Liberty!”
  4. If “friends” (by facebook, phone, text, etc) only talk about themselves and never ask how you’re doing its because they don’t care (otherwise they would ask). It doesn’t make them “evil or bad people” it just makes them a “one-sided friend.”
  5. Everyone prioritizes what matters most to them- so don’t believe just what people say, believe what they do.
  6. Social media can make instant celebrities & stars (both in the secular and religious world) but “likes,” video “views,” and “friends/followers” reveal nothing about inner character- which God said is most important and what we will be judged by.
  7. Sometimes saying, “no” is the best way to say “yes” to other things in your life.