Be encouraged and inspired by this powerful eye witness of account what happened while I was in Bible College. The testimony comes from Glenn Badonsky.

In 1997 during a dorm prayer meeting I was witness to the usage of tongues in a dynamic way that I had only ever read about. There where gathered about 15-20 students in a room doing a bible study together. Towards the end we began to sing and pray together. One student Joe Wyrostek, was worshiping and then began praying in tongues.

One of the students in the room was Abraham, who was from India. He was a newer student to school and was not very interested in the full gospel aspect of the school. I asked about this and his reasoning behide it on a prior occasion. His reply was that in his country many of the hindu priests used this babbling too. He thought it was not godly and at the least, demonically influenced. I tried to reason with him from the scriptures but he was firmly set in his heart that this gift was not from God or for today’s Christian.

After the meeting concluded I could see that Abraham was troubled by something as he did not leave the room immediately as he usually did. I asked what was wrong and he told me that he had never experienced God in such a way. Noticing how seriously he spoke I asked him to explain further.

He explained that during the meeting, in his mind, he was ridiculing the tongues he heard others speaking in. And then brother Joe began to pray and that he could understand him in his own Indian language and village dialect. I asked him to share with me what Joe was saying. He said Joe way saying, “This is real and this is God!” at least four or five times perfectly.

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