True friends are those who celebrate your stars and walk with you through your scars. Stars are those highlights in your life like when a teacher put a sticker next to your name. Scars are those times when you are either tested or tempted and need to learn from your hardships & mistakes.

Some people just want to be with you when you have all the stars, when everything is smooth and going great. However, when you face hardships and get some scars they run away because they either are embarrassed to be around you or they are too selfish to wanna take time to help.

Then there are others who just want to love you with your scars but when you become successful and start getting blessed they get jealous and insecure and then leave you. Sadly, they can even become your loudest critics because they will want all your new friends to know your past scars.

Either way, I pray today you find true friendship and have people around you for your stars and scars!

Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loves at all times…”

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