Today’s show was evangelism heavy. Pastor Joe taught from the word about the biblical mandate to “preach the gospel to all creation” from Mark 16:9-20, and then spoke from the heart about evangelism in the life of the church. We believe evangelism is the mission of the Church, and a command to every disciple of Christ, especially those who are called to be pastors.

Jared took the show in a slightly different direction, looking at the story of Charlie Gard, an 11 month old boy whom British courts have ordered be taken off of life support against the wishes of his parents. Worldview implications abound as we consider how Christians should think about such an issue. Then, for “Jared’s Gems,” he encouraged disciples, young and old alike, to get familiar with the meta-narrative or the “Big Picture” of the Bible, so as to understand and explain it better.

That’s it for now. Tune in next time and send in any questions you have about evangelism, discipleship, apologetics and theology to be answered on next week’s program.