Today’s show focused on our heart for discipleship. Reading from a passage in his book, “Discipleship Based Churches,” Joe laid out the moral crisis taking place in our nation, and identified the primary cause as a lack of discipleship in American churches. In giving “A Word from the Word” Joe provides the answer to the crisis – that is, a return to discipleship that starts in our families.

“This Week at MPI” we have 13 NEW LIFE GROUPS starting in July! Among them, are a new 301 class (college level courses for church leadership) and a Spanish Bible Study. These new ministries were birthed organically through the Spirit, giving us pause to consider how and when to start new things in ministry.

We also looked at Eugene Peterson, celebrated pastor, author and translator of the “The Message” Bible, and his recent change of heart on same sex relationships. Though there are many reactions to this development, we had a constructive conversation about how to regard men like Peterson, who essentially deny the Bible on sexual ethics, and how we are to treat LGBT people who visit our churches.

Jared’s Gems discussed what it means to “seek God.” And simply put, to “seek God” means to “know God,” “need God,” “want God” and “love God” and is to be the norm in our lives. We’re still waiting for your questions! Contact us anytime in the next week to have your questions answered live on the program!