The stats don’t lie. Sadly, though many pastors agree with me that discipleship is important, they fail to use Jesus’ standards for discipleship. Therefore, we have “super duper” looking churches but “sickly saints.” Here is the hard evidence that these “mile wide and inch deep churches” have created a huge gap in Christian beliefs and practice.
Not only have they failed to produce true disciples, the people attending their churches are more secular in their worldview than they are Christian. In other words, they’ve put a sinner in their pew, got them to confess Christ and join their “church growth teams,” but failed to change their worldview.
A worldview is how someone sees the world. It involves their morality, doctrinal beliefs and faith practices. Don’t believe me, ask the average “Christians” you know some of the same questions George Barna asked in his “Christian Worldview Survey” of 6,000 people in the U.S and see if they answer correctly or fail like the great majority did.
Here are some of the questions people failed the most in:
  1. Is there a devil? Most said, “no.”
  2. Is there a Holy Spirit? Most said. “no.”
  3. Are people born good? Most said, “yes.”
  4. Is there a hell? Most said, “no.”
  5. Did Jesus sin while on earth? Most said, “yes.”

For more study:

  1. Barna’s interview on Dobson’s show
  2. The actual research page

Quality comes before quantity. Both are important but one is far more important.