Warrant is justified true belief without any known defeaters. See if this one makes sense;
1. PREMISE 1: Warrant entails proper function.
2. PREMISE 2: God is the grounds for proper function.
Based on Colossians 1:2-3, “Namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”
3. CONCLUSION 1: Therefore, without God there can be no warrant for your beliefs.
4. CONCLUSION 2: Therefore, if you have warrant for any belief because of proper function, God exists.
Warrant may seem tricky, but it basically is a way to know what you know is true in a real sense. Not just accidentally true or kinda true, but actually true. Can you disprove the argument? Try to come up with another way of knowing something is true without warrant based in proper function (meaning, you can prove your mind is working correctly).
Like with “The Argument from Pre-Conditions,” you run into a problem if you deny God, because you have no way of confirming you are functioning properly because everything you know could be an illusion or just a best guess.
Think I’m wrong, prove it! Just make sure to prove you are functioning properly first. 🙂

Christ is our Wisdom