I know it is obvious that practice makes perfect, but I think with social media and the bombardment of people’s “highlight reels” on places like Facebook we sometimes forget the hard work behind people’s published victories.

Take for example my gift of preaching- I’ve been preaching over 20 years, I listen to all my sermons and recite them to myself multiple times before I present them (I call this “preaching to the couches!”) and critique myself with trusted people every week. At this time, I’ve preached over 1000x and just last Sunday I came away with about 10 things I can do better.

Whatever industry you’re in, there is going to be competition and those who rise to the top will do so not because of who their parents are, what neighborhood they come from, what their ethnicity is or their gender. They will rise to the top because of their skill.

There may be occasional exceptions where a child will get a “leg up” in a place their parents have influence; but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Like Jaden Smith with acting or music; as you can see, no matter how hard the rich and famous’ kids try to break into certain industries- nobody cares unless they’re skilled.

It doesn’t matter if your boss’ son is made head salesman, out sale him and earn you place. If they don’t promote you out of jealousy, start your own company in the same field and rock their place in the market. Outshine everyone around you with your hard work and dedication. Don’t settle for anything less, than God’s best in your life!

Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…”

There is nothing stopping you from being the best at what you’re passionate about- perfect your skills and work towards your success today!