On today’s show, we are excited to announce that we are raising funds to procure a mobile ministry truck (think of a medium sized U-Haul with a foldout stage). Vehicles like this have been used in urban outreach for decades now, allowing preachers to have outdoor services just about anywhere. The Lord has laid this burden on Joe’s heart as a way to bring the Good News to the streets of Chicago like never before. If you would like to give offerings to this effort, click the picture below.

On “In the News” we look at the problem of gun violence in our city. We as Christians know that the answer to Chicago’s violence is not necessarily in new gun laws – the answer is Jesus Christ! Today we explore, practically speaking, what it means to bring Jesus to hurting communities.

Then, Joe takes an in-depth look at Islam, namely its prophet, Muhammad, and how his life and teachings compare with that of Jesus. Joe will then show us how to deal with the one whom Islam declares is the “Perfect Man.” In doing so, we will find out, how we can talk with Muslims about Muhammad. Finally Jared’s gem is about how Jesus is the most important person in history and in each of our lives.

Send us your questions and we will be glad to answer them on the show! Anything dealing evangelism, discipleship, apologetics, theology and the Pentecostal perspective, we would love to talk about with you!