On today’s show, we hosted a debate with an Islamic leader on the truth of either Christianity or Islam. Listen in as Joe Wyrostek, Pastor of Metro Praise International Church in Chicago, engages Sabeel Ahmed, Director of the GainPeace Project (an Islamic Dawah movement) on their respective beliefs. The discussion hinges on subject of who God is. Is God three persons, according to the biblical teaching of the Trinity? Or is God one person, according to the Quranic teaching of Tawhid. As you listen, we pray you will not only feel better equipped to engage Muslims, but also encouraged by our example of a respectful exchange. Let us continue to pray for Sabeel, and for Muslims the world over, to know God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ!

Enjoy this informative and passionate review of the debate Joe had with a Muslim. Joe spends time explaining the Trinity, the Quranic dilemma, the nature of Jesus and much more!