If worship for Jesus and the disciples was good enough with a hymn… what are we really saying in supporting the mass marketing and commercialism of worship? Matthew 26:30, “And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.”
Now I know you can spend your money on whatever you like- and even better if it supports Christians- but let’s not fool ourselves- there is no biblical grounding for thinking that lights, smoke and tight pants makes God’s presence stronger. (And don’t get me started on all this copyright nonsense with worship songs- where churches cannot sing them without paying the licensing fee- can’t wait to see how that plays out on Judgment Day- God have mercy!).
The best reason I’ve heard to why people spend money on these kinds of things is because they love the fellowship- but guess what, that is all the more reason to make them FREE and in local churches! More people will come if it’s free… and if my church can’t fit em all- don’t we have mega churches in this city that can fit thousands of people? I’m sure they’d make their building available for free since God’s people already paid all the bills, right? And if parking and space is an issue use the same ticketing systems we use that reserve places but don’t charge (wow- in 2minutes I solved the problem… but maybe it isn’t a problem to the people making millions off of prostituting the gift of worship meant to be given freely to Jesus!).
I’d love to hear someone try to convince me that Jesus and the disciples singing a hymn together was not as “powerful and moving” as one of these concerts— and If Jesus said He was where 2-3 are present- I’d love to hear an argument for bigger being equivalent to “better and more anointed.” Otherwise, no one until the mega church, concert model ever experienced true worship- God help us!
Sorry John Wesley, early Pentecostals, underground church of China- you’re having a sub-par experience of worship. Just wait until the light show comes in full effect- you’ll really feel Jesus then!
When it comes to church events, concerts, conferences, outreaches, etc… “If it ain’t for free- it ain’t for me!”