Presup apologetics is a biblical way to defend the Christian faith by stating one’s core beliefs are derived from the Bible. Notice how this liberal senator holds a different view of morality than the Bible and wants to “expose” and make this appointee look stupid concerning his religious beliefs about “gay sex.”
All Christians (no matter the denomination- including Protestants and Roman Catholics) have all believed for the last 1,950 years that “gay sex” is a perversion, but the leftist Marxists now want to make their worldview about sexual ethics the only acceptable one.
Imagine if you were asked this question on your job as a Christian.
Remember, everyone has a religious bias (including politicians)- the senator’s is the “Religion of Gender and Sexual Politics.” And his blasphmey laws are, “Thou shall not speak against the god of free sex and self-gender identity.” If he doesn’t have to leave his worldview at the door of the capitol, why should Christians?
Notice how the senator interrogated the appointees “beliefs”- not his “actions.” This is called, “thought crime” and is used by socialists to force not only equality but full acceptance. In other words, if you don’t approve of what they do even in your beliefs- it doesn’t matter how you treat them- you’re still a “religious bigot.”
Wake up church- if we don’t see revival in the land- they’ll be coming for you next! It’s already happening in military jobs, public school jobs, governmental jobs, etc. The only way totalitarianism works is if you silence and marginalize opposing beliefs.
Some might ask… “What about separation of church and state?” What about it? This has nothing to do with the church, but what a Christian believes. The senator has a foundation for his beliefs and the appointee should be allowed to have a foundation for his beliefs. And as along as they treat all U.S. citizens equal, they can hold their beliefs. Also, politicians still swear upon the Bible, “In God We Trust” is on our money and a congressional chaplain opens up every session with prayer… so yes, it’s okay to believe the Bible and it’s morality and still be in politics (just ask the majority of our Founding Fathers).
2 Timothy 4:2, “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”