Please note that I am not overlooking our present problems (such as abortion, violence, corruption, etc) nor the problems of the past (slavery, treatment of Native Americans, Jim Crow, etc) but I am sharing why even despite these things, as far as current countries go- the U.S. is still the best.
1. OUR FREEDOMS: There is no country anywhere in the world that even comes close to granting what we having in regards to freedom in the First and Second Amendments. All the similar European countries or Canada and Australia cannot come close to our First & Second Amendment rights.
2. OUR CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: No other nation was started with the idea of church and state being separated, but allowed the participation of church to be welcome (example, congressional chaplains, Christian holidays, swearing on the Bible, Ten Commandments in courtrooms, etc). England with the Church of England or Spain/Italy with the Roman Catholic church all failed to find a balance and the U.S. has done the best (when her people did their part).
3. OUR STRENGTH: Let the haters hate, but if it wasn’t for the U.S. military the world would be run by dictators and imperialists. Who stopped the English imperialist? Not India, not Hong Kong, not Canada, not the British Isles, not Ireland… who did it? The good ole’ U.S of A- we were the only ones to kick em’ out! Who stopped the dictators of Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan and many others from trying to take over the world? Not France, not Belgium, not Denmark, not Sweden, (though some were our partners…) But who stopped em? The Good ole’ U.S. of A!
4. OUR GENEROSITY: The United States, because of it’s people, is the most giving nation in the world. From our support of foreign aid to missionaries to non-profits to volunteerism- nobody even comes to the U.S. When people around the world are in trouble- like in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia—- they all know who to call first.
Can we do better in many areas- absolutely- but before you tell me about all the problems- let’s make sure we get the record straight- the U.S. is the best nation around!
Can we do better in many areas- absolutely- but before you tell me about all the problems- let’s make sure we get the record straight- the U.S. is the best nation around!


1. What about the mistreatment of Native Americans? True, but if wasn’t for the U.S. they would have been taken over by the Aztecs or Mayans— I’ll take the U.S. anyday.
2. What about African Slavery? African slavery still exists in Africa today with black on black slave trading— I’ll take the Civil War over Libya or Darfur anyday.
3. What about oppression of women? The American woman has led the way in the modern world and has had more rights than any other people in the world— women in Saudi Arabia just got the right to drive in 2018.
4. What about all the corruption and greed? There is no nation over 200 million that has anywhere near the kind of stability the U.S. has- can it be better, “yes,” but I’ll take U.S. corruption over Chinese corruption (they just voted their to take a term limit off their dictator- now he can serve for his lifetime), Indian corruption, Russian corruption, etc.
5. What about all the social sins and evils? Because of the freedoms of the First & Second Amendments- I can safely preach the gospel and see these change- no other nation offers me the same ability to address the heart of the matter in safety as the U.S. does!
In conclusion to the all the objections- if you don’t like the U.S.- it’s one of the easiest nations to leave—– you’re free to go and live wherever you feel is the best country!)
Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.”