Well, without a God-given conscience you could never know the difference between good or evil—- you’d think like an animal thinks about good and evil—- which is “never.” Ever see a bear eat its young?
However, for those who have enough common sense to know you’re not an animal and you know the difference between good and evil but struggle with why their is so much evil and suffering in the world. Say no more- God’s got you fam—- Jesus dying on the cross solved the problem of evil and now uses it to draw people to His goodness!
Still not convinced that disbelief in God results in not believing in good or evil? Read what renowned atheist philospher Dr. Alex Rosenberg wrote in his book, “The Atheist Guide to Reality;”
“There is no moral difference between them [right/wrong or good/evil]… Anything goes.”
Thankfully we all know their is a difference and that Dr. Rosenberg is playing “make-believe.” And praise God that Jesus has delivered us from both the evil inside our hearts (first coming on the cross) and the evil in the world (at His second coming in judgment).
Psalms 100:5, “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”