Do you think a person can be both truthful and kind? Both are godly attributes and are commanded by God. However, often times we as Christians are told they cannot exist together.
A few examples:
Can I as a Christian ever say these biblically true phrases and still be considered kind by non-Christians?
  1. Abortion is murder.
  2. Homosexuality is sin.
  3. Transgenderism is a mental disorder.
  4. There is no such thing as different human races.
  5. If someone is not born again (via believing in Jesus as their Lord and Savior) they will perish.
  6. Mohammed, Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell, and L. Ron Hubbard were demonic inspired false prophets.
  7. Hell is real and most people you know are going there.
Now let’s first ask ourselves, “Are the above statements true according to the Bible?” Not, “Are they kind?” That will come later. But most importantly we need to ask, “Are they true?” Because if they are true then should be spoken. Unless you think lies are better than truths.
Next, for the sake of this post, let’s assume they are all true, and so let’s ask, “How can a person say God’s truth and be kind?” Remember, even if you’re an atheist reading this post, I’m not asking you to believe their true— but just to consider “if” they were true (as I believe they are), “How could I say them and still be considered kind?”
Why is this an important question? Because we are living in a time where our culture has equated “hate speech” to almost everything on my list and instantly consider it unkind- no matter how it is spoken or who says it.
Some people even in the U.S. want to make it illegal to talk like this- especially in the schools, government and public market place. I’ve had both atheists and Muslims try to silence me and have me removed from public sidewalks outside Wright College simply for sharing the truths that applied to them.
Consider a charity game show on the Food Network. Imagine if one of the contestants was a well known singer competing on a baking show to raise money for dog shelters. Maybe when asked about her reason for choosing to play for a dog shelter she tells the story abandoned puppies that were all found dead after being tortured. Everyone on the show would be so supportive and happy (even if they lost to the player)… because they would know that it goes to a “good cause.”
Now how do you think the players, audience and game show execs would act if one of the players wanted to play for the charity, Live Action and said it was because they were grieved by the murder of unborn children?
There is the problem—— no matter how nice the player would be or say her point she would be labeled, “hateful,” “unkind,” etc.
In conclusion, do I think that sinners (in general) who disagree with the Bible will ever consider our truth statements, “kind?” No. Why? Because it’s not an issue of kindness, it’s an issue of “truth.”
Here’s a formal way of saying it:
  1. People who don’t think what others are saying is true are more likely to find their speech unkind.
  2. Non-Christians don’t believe the morality of the Bible is true.
  3. Therefore, non-Christians (in general) will find Christian truths unkind (no matter how they are shared or who shares them).

BOTTOM LINE: People crucified Jesus, stoned our disciples and still today persecute and murder Christians all over the world- so we shouldn’t think it strange when people call us “mean” and “unkind” when we preach God’s Word.
John 10:31-32, “31 Again his Jewish opponents picked up stones to stone him, 32 but Jesus said to them, “I have shown you many good works from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?”