Enjoy this short, but timely list; 
1. Celebrate allegorical sermons where Christians are always compared to the sick, lame, and demon possessed people in the gospel stories and then act surprised when you find out those same people have no victory over sin in their life and don’t understand the Bible in its actual context.
2. Exalt mega church pastors to the status of “leadership gurus” because they invite people like Bill Clinton and other non-Christians to speak at their conferences and then act surprised when they kiss married women’s belly buttons and give them topless massages.
3. Promote the nonsense of Christians being beautifully broken and then act surprised when pastors commit suicide because they believe they’re broken.
4. Praise church growth that is entirely based on letting people live in blatant unrepentant sin and then act surprised when the people in those churches support gay marriage, abortion, and get offended by the Bible’s commands.
5. Encourage lost people in your church to think they are saved and accepted in God’s Kingdom before they repent of their sin or are born again and then act surprised when they ask you to endorse their sin as a legitimate lifestyle choice (ex., “LGBTQ”).
6. Give an hour performance every week on Sunday and act surprised why there are no signs and wonders in the service.
7. Support pastors who love to sell their books on Oprah’s TV show and then act surprised when they act like cowards, talk like heretics, and sound like newbs because they cannot boldly tell her about sin, heaven & hell, and the simple doctrines of the Bible.
God deliver us from evil!
Revelation 3:19, “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.”