My Timeline Since Meeting Jesus:

1. Saved on Nov. 5, 1995 (23 yrs)

– Never had sex again until marriage (10 years later in June, 19, 2005)

– Never did illegal drugs again (23 years)

– Never got drunk again (23 years)

– Attended church on Sunday and have not missed in 1,196 Sundays (23 years)

2. Some time in the winter of 1996 I never smoked a cigarette again and never swore again (22 years)

3. Some time in the winter of 1996 received the call to be a church planter (22yrs)

4. Sometime in the Spring of 1996 I preached my first sermon and did my first street witnessing (22 years)

5. Summer of 1996 had my last fist fight (22 years)

6. Aug of 1996 started Bible College in New Orleans

7. Fall break of 1996 had sex with self for the last time and never looked again at pornography (22 years)

8. Summer of 1997 started my first ministry to travel and do evangelism at churches

9. Aug of 1997 (second year of Bible college) became a pastor/elder over a inner city youth ministry in New Orleans (21 years)

10. Spring of 1998 graduated Bible College with an A.A. in Urban Missions

11. March of 1999 (at 22 years old) started Metro Praise church in Mid-City New Orleans (20 years of senior/lead church planting pastor)

12. Senior pastored in New Orleans until 2004 (5 years)

13. Moved to Chicago in March of 2004 and was a youth pastor for 8 months

14. In March of 2005 started Metro Praise Chicago (13 years)

15. June 19, 2005 married Nancy Wyrostek? (13 years)

16. Sometime in 2005 wrote my first book- “Welcome to Your New Life” (now 20 books in total)

17. Sometime in 2006 started school again to get B.A. and then Masters back-to-back (five years to complete Master in Religious Education in 2011).

18. Dec 10, 2008 had our first child Bethany (10 years and six children now in total- Hannah/2010, Lucas/2012, Zoe/2014, Joy/2016, & Titus/2018).

19. Sometime in 2009 took my first church planting trip to another country Mexico, then India (3x) and Nepal (1x) over the next 4 years.

20. Started my doctorate studies in 2015-16 at Trinity

21. Re-started my doctorate in 2018 at Regent.

22. Started the gospel truck outreaches in early Fall of 2018

23. Pastor a church of around 250, with 160 disciples, 12 students in Bible college and plans to make 100,000 disciples in Chicago, with 50 churches and 500 around the world!