Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

Have you ever tried to take a toy away from a small child that didn’t want to give it to you? They might have cried, screamed or become angry. Why? They didn’t want to give you what they felt belonged to them. Sadly, I feel the same is true many times with God and us; and sadly, we’re the ones acting like selfish children. God the Father says, “Place your plans in my hands” and we respond, “No God, they’re my plans and I don’t want to give them to you.”

Examine your life and think about how many times you have taken your life and put it in your own hands. You did what you wanted to do, when you wanted to do it and felt you didn’t need to answer to anyone. Now remember how those things in your life worked out. Why did they fall apart? You tried to do life without God and your ways weren’t established. Someone might respond, “I’ve done good without God in my life, I’m a self-made man.” However, when you look at their spiritual condition, they’re a “self-made mess!”

Just because someone can succeed at building a business, a family or a big bank account without being a disciple doesn’t mean they’re a success in God’s eyes. The Bible says that people like that are actually fools because all their riches and success will disappear like a vapor of smoke when they die (James 4:14). True lasting success comes only from God. 

King Solomon is teaching us in today’s proverb to always commit our ways to the Lord to have our plans succeed. The first major plan we need to commit to the Lord is our plan “life after death.” Then we should give to God our plans for marriage and family. Lastly, everything else in our lives, our jobs, finances, hobbies, etc.; should all go into His hands so they might be established and counted as our rewards in eternity.

Michael Youssef wrote, “When God gives us a plan, He will only give us the best plans that lead to the greatest glory for Him.” Though sometimes giving God the things that are most dear to us is not easy, but releasing them to Him will teach us faith and grow our love for Jesus. I pray that we will humble ourselves like a child before God so that we can joyfully be obedient when we hear Him say, “Place your plans in my hand.”


Are you willing to commit your plans to the Lord?


  1. Think of three things in your life you should commit to the Lord.
  2. In prayer surrender and commit those things to God.
  3. Ask God to give you plans that lead to success in each of the three areas.

One Year Reading Plan

Judges 11:1-12:15, John 1:1-28, Psalm 101:1-8, & Proverbs 14:13-14. Click here to read online.