Day 18 | Riches Will Fall

Proverbs 11:28, “Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.”

Do you want to thrive or fall in life? I believe most sane people would honestly answer, “thrive.” However, if most people would rather thrive than fall, why are more people pursuing and trusting in their riches rather than righteousness?  There should be millions more people daily reading their Bible, than playing the lottery.  And masses of people should be lining up for church, like how they line up to go to work to make a pay check.  Sunday morning should be the busiest day on the roads!

However, in our culture the emphasis for a good life seems to be on having riches, not righteousness. Our businesses, sitcoms, music, politics, magazines, talk shows, movies, and sports all seem to exalt the people who have the most money! Think about it, when was the last time you saw in business, media, politics, or entertainment the applauding of “righteousness,” i.e., “doing the right thing according to God’s word?”

King Solomon is giving a stern warning to all people- “don’t trust in riches, but pursue righteousness.”  Thus, if you’re not living a righteous life by God’s standard and are trusting in your money to give you a good life- you are going to fall.  Your fall may be in your marriage, with your kids, or your money itself; but no matter what you will fall in this life.  Plus, one day you will fall from heaven into the pits of hell.  Jesus said you cannot serve both God and money, Matthew 6:24.  Therefore, even if you seem to have a good life here on earth for 70-80 years, you will fall for eternity.

However, if you do what Jesus taught in Matthew 6:33 and seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness you will have all you need in this life and you will thrive in eternal life like a green leaf, Psalm 1.

Therefore, choose today to focus first on righteousness in all you do and then second on the things of this world like money.  You will both thrive here on earth and with God forever!


Do you trust in your riches?


  1. Remove any trust you may have in your riches.
  2. Place all your trust in God and seek His righteousness.
  3. Live a life of generosity!


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