Thank you for stopping by! MPI church is a contemporary and biblical expression of the Pentecostal movement. Therefore, we always make room for miracles, salvations, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost in all of our services. We believe that methods may change with culture, but biblical convictions and commands should remain the same. That is why our services are casual in dress, contemporary in music style, and welcoming to everyone but are also filled with the life-changing presence of God!

Below are some key highlights of our church experience:

  • Casual dress
  • Prayer before and after service
  • Children of all ages sit and experience church together with their parents
  • Exciting contemporary worship
  • Relevant, yet bold, conservative preaching
  • Operation of the gifts of the Spirit
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Multicultural and ethnically diverse
  • Involved in the community and current with today‚Äôs hot topics