April 1 | Proverbs, Better Than Fortune Cookies

Proverbs 1:1-2, “1 The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: 2 for attaining wisdom and discipline for understanding words of insight…”

It amazes me how silly people can be sometimes especially when it comes to superstition. Sad but true, some people religiously read their daily horoscope for guidance, others go to fortune tellers to receive insight into their love life and still others actually take the sayings of their fortune cookie serious (as if God was going to speak to them through a random cookie).

Once I was out with another pastor at a Chinese restaurant and when the fortune cookies came he said, “Everybody read the fortunes and at the end say, ‘in the bathroom.’” One person read out loud, “You will have great success today… in the bathroom!” We all laughed hysterically and I thought to myself these things actually serve a purpose now, to make us laugh!

King Solomon, the son of King David, wrote the book of Proverbs for the purpose of giving wisdom and discipline to the people of Israel. The Bible records that Solomon was the wisest and richest man in Israel’s history because God blessed him greatly with wisdom (1 Kings 3:12-13). Though others wrote some of the proverbs found in the book, he was the major author.

The word proverb means, “a simple saying that is popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity.” God gave Solomon great wisdom to rule Israel and make it a successful nation. Likewise, if we can learn from this wise king the wisdom God gave him, we can be successful in all we do.

In today’s passage found at the beginning of the book of Proverbs, God promised that He would give us wisdom (the application of knowledge), instruction (the steps needed to succeed) and insight into understanding words of insight (the ability to gain knowledge wherever it may be found). A wise man once said, “God doesn’t just give us wisdom, He is the very foundation of wisdom." According to Paul, wisdom is not just an attribute of God, but God the Son, “Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:24).

Spiritual change doesn’t come by reading a fortune cookie, but if you read the book of Proverbs and apply the wisdom God gives, your life will change by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God promised that His Word would never return void and that it will accomplish the purpose it was sent for (Isaiah 55:11). Start today and ask God to fill you with His wisdom as you read the book of Proverbs; they’re better than fortune cookies!


Do you want God to give you wisdom, instruction and insight to understanding knowledge?


  1. Repent of all the superstitions you may practice. For example fortune cookies, horoscopes or psychic readings.
  2. Commit to God in prayer that you will read and learn His wisdom from the book of Proverbs.
  3. Daily apply God’s wisdom to your life.

One Year Reading Plan

Deuteronomy 18:1-20:20, Luke 9:28-50, Psalm 73:1-28, & Proverbs 12:10. Click here to read online.


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