Colossians Notes // Chapter 1 // Christ in You!

Notes and Highlights From Last Sunday’s Teaching on Chapter 1 from the Book of Colossians (Sept. 2, 2012):


1 // Date Written: 62 AD

2 // Written By: Paul, with Timothy

3 // Written From: Rome (while imprisoned)

4 // Written To: The church at Colosse

5 // Colosse: Small town 100 miles east of Ephesus, along a trade route of the Lycus River from the Aegean Sea. 10 miles away from Laodicea // Was apart of the Phrygia Province of Rome, which is now modern day Turkey.

6 // Establishment of the Colosse Church: Most likely Epaphras (Col. 1:7-8, Col. 4:12) visited Paul while he was in Ephesus for three years (52-55 AD) and brought the Gospel back to his town, Acts 19:10.

7 // Religious Background: Mostly Pagan with some Jewish transplants.

8 // Reasons for Writing: (i) Strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, (ii) Correct false doctrine, and (iii) Instruct on godly living.

Practical Application of Each Section:

1 // Col. 1:1-2 // We are called “holy and “faithful” and given “grace and peace.”


2 // Col. 1:3-14 // We are to continually be filled with the knowledge God’s will through the practical wisdom of the Spirit so we may walk worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way (Col. 1:9-10).


3 // Col. 1:15-23 // Jesus is the exact representation of the Father, the Creator of all things, and the perfect Savior of the World (Col. 1:16-17,19-20).


4 // Col. 1:24-29 // The mystery of the Old Testament, Christ living in both Jews and Gentiles, has been revealed by faith in the Gospel (Col. 1:23, 1:27).  Fulfilling Jesus’ promises in John 14:23 and Ezekiel 36:26-27.

The Take Away:

1. Believe the Gospel, Col. 1:5.

2. Believe Jesus is God, Col. 1:15.

3. Believe Jesus is in you and you are now holy, Col. 1:28.

4. Walk worthy of the Lord in all practical ways by His power within you, Col. 1:10.

The Sunday Sermon, “Christ in You!”



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