Connect, Mentor, & Send (Part 2)

Statistics from various studies underscore the challenges churches face in effective discipleship. Only 28% of Christians are actively involved in both discipling others and being discipled, while about 60% of churchgoers report that their church lacks a clear process for discipleship​ (Barna Group)​​ (Barna Group)​. Moreover, only 1% of church leaders believe that today’s churches are very effective at discipling new and young believers, with many citing busyness and lack of commitment as major barriers​ (Barna Digital)​​ (Christian Post)​. Additionally, 23% of Christians are involved in one-on-one discipleship relationships, highlighting a significant gap in personal accountability within discipleship practices​ (Barna Digital)​.

Biblical teachings provide foundational guidance on discipleship. Key verses include Matthew 28:19-20, where Jesus gives the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, and Luke 9:23, where He calls for self-denial and daily cross-bearing as part of following Him. Other significant verses are John 13:34-35, which emphasizes loving one another as a mark of true discipleship, and John 8:31-32, which underscores the importance of holding to Jesus’ teachings to truly be His disciples. Luke 14:26, though challenging, highlights the depth of commitment required, indicating that discipleship must surpass all other relationships.


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