Deception in the News & Politics

Dear politically concerned Christian, I know it’s immigration now but it will be something else in 24hrs… please listen to my heart and don’t be quick to shut me down.
As a Spirit-filled pastor who loves you, I want to warn you to be careful to who you believe and how you let what they say influence you. In other words, if you find yourself constantly worked up by what is happening in the world by many, if not all of the faces below— YOU ARE PROBABLY BEING DECEIVED!
I know that sounds harsh, but ask yourself a few questions about the people below that love to work you up and get you angry:
  1. When do they ever get angry about abortion?
  2. When do they ever get angry about Christians dying by the thousands around the world?
  3. When do they ever get angry about persecution of Christians in the U.S. (teachers, professors, pastors, business owners, non-profits, etc. who don’t bow to the LGBT agenda).
  4. When do they ever get angry about corruption in democratic run cities like Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc.
  5. When do they ever get you angry about the terrorism in Israel against God’s chosen people, in the land He gave them?
As a matter of fact- it’s just the opposite. Think about it:
  1. The Women’s March led by a Muslim specifically made their agenda PRO-CHOICE and refused to let PRO-LIFE women join.
  2. The Black Lives Matter Movement is hand-in-hand with the LGBT movement and rejects all testimonies of homosexuals changed by God’s grace and calls all black conservatives, “Uncle Toms.”
DEAR CHRISTIAN, Each one of the people I have in this picture hate the following about you (if you’re a Christian):
  1. They hate you believe Jesus is the only way to the Father and that everyone else will be sent to the Lake of Fire.
  2. They hate that you believe God made all people male and female and that it shouldn’t be changed.
  3. They hate that you don’t recognize “gay marriage” as a real marriage and that you don’t think gay parents should raise adopted children.
  4. They hate that you want to outlaw abortion because you are taking away their choice to murder a child.
  5. They hate that you actually believe Jewish people are God’s chosen people, have been given the land of Israel and are the only hope for peace in the Middle East.
  6. They hate that you want to be able to teach your children the Bible and all of Jesus’ commands (i.e., “like the things listed above”).
Therefore, if you want my take on things… here are the people I go to for news:
  1. Allen West
  2. Mike Huckabee
  3. Live Action
  4. AskDrBrown
  5. Family Research Council
  6. PragerU
  7. Al Mohler (The Briefing)
  8. Matt Walsh
Just to name a few… so I just ask you to please be mature and not be “tossed back and forth” by every wind of “news.” By God’s grace, after Ephesians, my next preaching series at Metro Praise International church will be on “A Christian Worldview.”
Why? Because I truly believe many of you have Jesus in your heart, but don’t know how to make Jesus the Lord of your mind, the Lord of your politics, the Lord of your entertainment, the Lord of your voting and the overall Lord of how you think about things.
These people don’t love you— if they appear now to love you- it’s because they want to use you to bring about their Christ-less worldview. If you don’t believe me please try the following:


  1. Find an immigration post (since this is the hot topic right now they are pushing).
  2. Then post this: “I am grieved by how these children are having to suffer when the countries they come from are so terrible that their parents feel the only way out is to break the law of another country. AND I am even more grieved that over 3,000 children are being murdered in this country in abortion mills. I ask the everyone here would join with me to stop this evil infanticide, along with protecting children at the border! May God protect these children at the borders and the save all the lives of the children in wombs today from the murderous plots of their parents and doctors.”
  3. Then wait and see how many of the people on the post SUPPORT YOUR VOICE FOR VICTIMS! Watch and see how many of your “fellow protesters” will turn on you in a heartbeat.
  4. Or if you’re going to the Families Belong Together – Chicago March– ask the organizers (message them) if they will support you making a poster that reads- “Save Children at the Border” on one side and “Save Children in the Womb” on the other side. You’ll see how much they really love “children” then.
Jesus said be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” and Paul said, “don’t let anyone deceive you because the days are evil!” Please feel free to share your thoughts below, but I hope you only comment after you have prayerfully considered what I shared from God’s Word concerning our “Worldviews.”
Grace & Peace!
(p.s. If you want to know my thoughts on the immigration issue- Michael L Brown has a great article that I hold to as well))


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