Here’s To All The Moms!

To those who did natural birth and for those like Nancy Matzaris Wyrostek who took all the meds they offered! To the breastfeeders and the formula users. To those who let the babies sleep with them and those who praised God for the crib.

For those who let their babies cry themselves to sleep and for those who had them fall asleep on them until they were 2yrs old. For those who had em’ potty trained, walking and talking by their first birthday and for those who have them on the five-year plan.

For the spanking Moms, the timeout Moms, the “let’s talk it through” Moms; and whatever method works the best at the time Moms. For the neat and tidy Moms and for the “don’t mind the mess” Moms. For the Moms who can cook like a pro and those who have become pros at cooking from boxes and cans.

For the Moms who treat fast food like the plague and for those who help McDonald’s reach their weekly sales goals. For the Moms who always post things about the dangers of vaccines, non-organic food and possible viruses on the playground and to the Moms who think they’re weird.

For the homeschooling stay at home Moms and for the working an outside job like a boss Moms. For the soft and gentle Moms and for the loud and tough Moms (like my Italian Mom- Lorraine Wyrostek). For the single Moms, step Moms, adoptive Moms, married Moms and to those who are Moms of Moms (Grandmas).

For the Moms who suffered the loss of a child and for those who gave up their life for their child. May God bless you today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life!



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