Steve Jobs Resigns and What We Can Learn from Him

Wow, hard to believe such an icon as Steve Jobs would have to resign because he is sick.  I am definitly an Apple fan.  You know the saying, “Once you go Mac, you never go back!”  The picture to the side shows “almost” all the Apple products I own, note “almost.”

Here is a full list (including for our church) 4 macbooks, 2 imacs, 2 ipads, 2 iphones, and apple tv.  I love the do-dittles too, wireless keyboard and track pad.  Don’t judge me, some people collect “precious moments,” others “coke products,” me… its apple products.  Well, atleast they can be used for ministry!

Here is a short list of what we can learn about Steve Jobs:

1. Second chances are never too late to take: He took back the failing Apple company and made it the best company in its field.

2. Never stop being you:  Steve Jobs always wore the same kind of shirt, pants, and shoes that he liked.  He didn’t care about the current trends, he was just himself.  We all should be more like that.

3. Creativity is based on many creative minds: He brought the best people in together in their own field of experitse and let them dream.  That is why Pixar became so great and why Apple could invent something new every three years- great minds can invent great things.

4. Bad things happen even to the uber smart and rich:  Basically, I pray he finds Jesus and joins a great church.  He needs to find the real meaning of life- Jesus Christ.  I hope he might stop by our new Wicker Park church, find a group of young people who love his products and learn how to worship Jesus and be at peace with God.

What do you think about Steve Jobs, Apple, and the eternal soul? 

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