The Gay Agenda is Coming to an Elementary School Near You!

Many people think of me as a controversial preacher. They consider me “harsh,” “blunt” and “shocking.”
To these lightweight Christians they prefer a more “seeker sensitive” pastor that preaches “you can make it sermons” and “how to be better in life sermon series…” They think this will actually win more people to Christ because it’s less offensive, non-judgmental and easier to take because it comes in sweet little bite sized pieces.
After all, whoever said we have to teach people to obey everything God commanded? We need to hold up more “Welcome Home” signs at our church and give people the easy stuff first and then work up to the harder stuff, right (Jesus or the apostles never started with the hard stuff—- like “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me,”—— they always started with volunteering in the sound booth).
Come on, we don’t want to lose the rich man- we want to barter the Kingdom of God with him- “if you give a little of your life- God will give you a little of eternal life”.
However, the reality is, if we as pastors don’t start addressing these issues from our pulpits with biblical clarity we will lose this generation (if we haven’t already lost them). And if we don’t raise up real disciples our Christian conferences and churches will do nothing to stop the coming floods of cultural filth.
Or maybe I’m overacting right? I’m sure that seeker sensitive hip pastors and church attendees know how to biblically refute the things in this video with the latest Steven Furtick sermon, Willow Creek Community Church conference and new Andy Stanely or Joel Osteen Ministries book. And just to be sure so I don’t miss it- please post one of their sermons where they do teach against these things—- because I am sure they take what’s happening in our culture serious… they wouldn’t just hide behind feel-good messages with little to no substance while our children are being targeted, right?


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