Thoughts About the Debate with Nadir Ahmed (Muslim)

I debated Nadir Ahmed last Sunday, Aug. 21st 2011, on the subject, “Who is Jesus?”  I will not go in depth to the debate and the points.  I feel the video can do that best.  However, I would like to take sometime to describe some of my thoughts:

1. Muslims claim over 20 prophets to be legit, but offer not proof for any of their work other than the Quran. Literally, nothing. Thus, it is really Mohammed versus over 40 writers of the Bible.

2. Though the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, give the best historic proof for the prophets accepted by Islam (Abraham, Noah, Moses, etc), they reject it because the Bible contradicts their Quran.

3. Yet, in the the debate when I was asked to give support for the accuracy of the Bible I gave the history of the companions (followers) of the Bible, contemporary non-Christian historians, manuscript evidence, and best of modern scholars (Richard Bachman, E. P. Sander, and even Bart Ehrman).  And this was rejected because it was contradictory towards the Quran.

4. Thus, the Muslim is asking the Jew/Christian to reject the best sources of the prophets and accept the Quran which was written over 600 years from the life of Jesus and over 1,000 from the OT prophets.  Simply because Mohammed, who didn’t read or write, was given a “vision” from Gabriel.  Really? That was exactly what Paul warned about in Galatians 1, not to receive “another gospel.” 

5. In conclusion, the only thing Muslims like Nadir try to do to prove the superiority of the Quran is by the prophecies- yet they are extremely vague, are not as great in number as the Bible, and are actually forbidden by Mohammed and Moses to be used as proofs.  Books and messages are to be judged by doctrine, not miracles or prophecies. 

Well, those are my “after thoughts,” let me know what you think about the debate, here it is:

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