Who Wants To Get Dirty For Jesus?

So as I was scanning facebook I noticed the new trend in “extreme jogging.” People want to do obstacles, get muddy, puke dirt, wear tights/head bands, and scream really LOUD!

With names like “Tough Mudder,” “Rugged Maniac,” and “Spartan Race” (this one sounds really intense)- these new extreme jogging obstacle courses are the new 20-30something trend!

Now ofcourse, I have nothing against these things- and I’m sure they’re more fun than me riding my mountain bike on a suburban park trail (dry and without spandex). But nonetheless, I heard God say as I was considering these things about my “extreme shouting crazy dirty generation…”

“Who is willing to go EXTREME and get DIRTY to PREACH TO THE LOST?!!!”

Three Ways to Get Dirty & Extreme For Jesus
  1. Get out on the streets and meet people- hear their dirty language, dirty heart, and hear about their dirty sinful lives and present Jesus’ cleansing blood to make them new and spotless.
  2. Help the homeless and shake someone’s dirty hands that have been involved in dirty things and offer them Jesus’ clean new life.
  3. Share your faith with today’s youth and hear about their dirty lives and challenage them to receive Jesus’ Holy Spirit inner cleansing.

#ThinkAboutIt #illseeyouontheStreets #ChicagoForJesus #boom


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